Chocolate Rocky Road Fudge Dessert Pizza

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The ultimate treat for the rocky road and fudge lover!

Our 9" round Chocolate Rocky Road Fudge Dessert Pizza is perfect to gift, share or binge!

Our rich Belgian chocolate fudge is topped with soft chewy vanilla and raspberry marshmallows, roasted salted peanuts, sweet chewy raspberry jellies, mini vanilla mallows and shreds of sweet coconut, shiny edible pink and silver decorations for sparkle and finished with rich dark chocolate drizzle.

These make the perfect celebration dessert, for birthdays or anniversaries, or a surprise thank you. I'ts even perfect for a baby shower or a really special afternoon tea. Share with friends for a delicious treat or for a special binge session.

The Pizzas weigh approximately 1.1-1.2 kg but as each is made by hand, there may be variations.

Our Fudge Dessert Pizza comes wrapped in clear cellophane on a silver cake board and it cut into 8 slices. It is presented in a real brown Kraft pizza box and can be ribboned and include a gift card if you wish.

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It doesn't get any better than this.

REMEMBER, the definition of FUDGE is HAPPINESS!

Choose fudge, be happy!


Our delicious handcrafted fudge is made with love.

Each Fudge Dessert Pizza is hand made and hand cut; it's smooth and creamy and made with fresh butter and premium chocolate.

Our fudge stays in delicious eating condition for 10-12 weeks - please store in an airtight container away from the hear (but not in the fridge).