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Bubblegum Rainbow Fudge

Bubblegum Rainbow Fudge

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Our Number One BEST SELLER with the kids (and the young at heart!)!

"Yum, yum, yum, every kid loves bubblegum"

Our most colourful and fun fudge, beloved by small kids and quite a lot of big ones too.

Our rainbow of blue, yellow, green and pink fudge is topped with a sparkling sprinkle of edible sugar decorations.

One bite of this delicious Rainbow Bubblegum Fudge will transport grownups back to a warm summer day and a mouthful of fresh sweet bubblegum just bought from the corner milk-bar. 

Buy it for the kids and they will be thrilled (and maybe leave your other fudge alone!)

And yes, it really does taste exactly like bubblegum, you just can't blow bubbles :).

Definitely voted number one by our many young fans.

It doesn't get any better than this.

REMEMBER, the definition of FUDGE is HAPPINESS!

Choose fudge, be happy!

Our delicious handcrafted fudge is made with love.

Each piece is hand cut; it's smooth and creamy and made with fresh butter and premium chocolate.

PLEASE NOTE: Our fudge is sold by the individual piece - the photo of two pieces is for illustration purposes only. 

Our fudge stays in delicious eating condition for 10-12 weeks - please store in an airtight container away from the hear (but not in the fridge).