Natural, sustainably sourced, artisan, handcrafted, regionally made gourmet food to fill your pantry!

The Village Providore

The Village Providore is a boutique regional artisan food producer with a focus on sustainability based on the beautiful NSW Central Coast - we are a couple of food lovers inspired by a family love of country cooking, coastal living and great tasting food that is better for you!

We create handcrafted and artisan preserves, sauces, dressings, jams, balsamics, dukkah, granola, muesli, spiced nuts, chocolate & confectionery, spice mixes, coffee and leaf teas and more - using sustainably sourced ingredients, made by hand in small batches with love, delicious to eat and better for you!

We buy direct from local farmers and growers, grow some of our own vegetables and herbs, and source unused or imperfect fruit and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste.

Fill your pantry with delicious, artisan, handcrafted, sustainable , natural and locally made food from The Village Providore and taste the difference!

Fill your pantry with our Central Coast made, artisan, sustainably made and handcrafted foods and taste the difference!

Jams, Marmalades & Sweet Sauces

Our jams, marmalades and dessert sauces range from the classic and traditional to the artisan and gourmet.

Explore flavours like Raspberry, Rhubarb and Vanilla Jam, Three Citrus Winter Marmalade, Passionfruit & Apricot Jam, or sweet dessert sauces such as Bourbon and Blueberry Dessert Sauce or Sparkling Berries in Moscato Dessert Sauce, plus so much more!


Summer Sauces and Marinades

Hot, spicy, smokey, delicious..whatever flavours you like, there's a sauce or dressing for you!

Our savory sauces are delicious with crisp clean flavors and also extremely versatile. Use them at the table, for marinades and basting, for meats, fish, pork, lamb and prawns.

Taste the difference with our handcrafted artisan and small batch made sauces - your taste-buds will thank you!


Pickles, Chutney & Relish

A handcrafted selection of classic traditional and artisan chutney, relishes and pickles including some recipes like Red Tomato Relish and Bread & Butter Pickles dating back three generations and other like Vietnamese Carrot & Daikon Pickle and Caramelsied red Onion and Shirtaz Jam featuring the latest flavour trends in food and menus.

Hand made by us in small batches using premium quality ingredients, many of which we grow ourselves in our home garden, such as beetroot, green tomatoes chillies, lemons, limes, rhubarb and more.


Chilli Fire

Made with home grown chillies, our recipes have previously won best in their class at the National Fiery Foods Awards including Best Chilli Jam, Best Chilli Mustard and Best Chilli Range.

Our chilli is about the heat but also all about the flavour.

Made by hand with love and loads of chilli passion.


Caramelised Balsamics

Slow cooked, rich and sticky - the perfect finishing sauce for so many dishes

Award Winning Chilli Range

We have over 20 chilli products and we even grow our own chillies right here on the NSW Central Coast